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Super Balloons - Decorative Hot Air Balloons Powder Pink & White

The beautiful handmade hot air balloon adds a touch of magic to your children's room. The decorative balloons are the promise of endless stories and adventures. Perfect for your child's bedroom and playroom to make them a place where dreams learn to fly.


Our hot air balloons look incredible in pairs or more as a combination of different sizes and colours matching the children’s room. The hot air balloons are great decoration to your little ones room as they bring something special, they take you into a world full of fantasy and adventure.

The hot air balloon is a perfect gift that makes hearts beat faster and eyes light up.

The decorative balloons are lightweight and easy to install.

The combination of high-quality fabrics, wood imitating wicker and string makes this decoration perfectly imitate the model of a real flying balloon.

The air balloon is delivered uninflated in packaging and is easily inflated using a ball pump.

★Available in 3 sizes★
-- Small - 28cm x 16cm
-- Medium - 33cm x 20cm
-- Large - 50cm x 30cm (Balloons in size L additionally have ballasts at the gondolas)


-Sizes and colours are subject to availability-


-- Balloon Fabric - made of high-quality polyester that guarantees durability and bright colours.
-- Ropes - made of high-quality cotton that holds the basket securely to the balloon.
-- Basket - made of carefully stained wood that gives each piece its unique character.
Balloons in size L additionally have ballasts at the gondolas.



Simply inflate the balloon through the valve hole and hang it securely from the ceiling using the transparent string and hook


How to inflate:

There is a Valve hole at the top of the balloon, inflate the balloon with a hand pump gently to ensure even fill. The balloon can also be deflated again to be packed down.


Hanging the hot air balloon:
The balloon comes with a transparent string and a transparent hook with an adhesive tape, which allows the balloon to be hung from the ceiling.



Please note: the Hand (Ball) pump is not included, any ball pump will work to inflate the balloons.

Pumps are available to purchase separate in the Balloons Page.


Simply wipe with a damp cloth. This means the balloon retains its colour and always looks like new.


Dispatch & Delivery Times

Ready to dispatch in 1 to 2 working days + Delivery time 2 to 3 working days (delivery by Royal Mail - dispatch from London)



- Do not hang decorations directly above the bed, on wallpapers and on irregular surfaces.
- Do not hang decorations directly over your head or over valuables.
- The product is not a toy, it is a decoration and should be placed out of the direct reach of children

Super Balloons - Decorative Hot Air Balloon - Powder Pink & White

£62.00 Regular Price
£52.70Sale Price
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